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Class webpage for Economics (Sem 1) and Government (Sem 2) for Mr. Beery's sections.

Wednesday 3/7/2018
Week of 3-9-18

Weekly plans attached

Downloads: week of 3-9-18 us gov.docx
Thursday 3/1/2018
Week of 3/2/18

This week's plans

Downloads: week of 3-2-18 us gov.docx
Friday 2/23/2018
Week of 2-23-28

weekly plans are attached

Downloads: week of 2-23-18 us gov.docx
Friday 2/16/2018
Week of 2/16/18

weekly plans are attached

Downloads: week of 2-16-18 us gov.docx
Tuesday 2/6/2018
Week of 2/9/18

Plans attached; Exam on Unit I Tuesday!

Downloads: week of 2-9-18 us gov1.docx
Monday 2/5/2018
Week of 2/2/18

weekly plans attached

Downloads: week of 2-2-18 us gov.docx
Friday 1/26/2018
Week of 1/26/18

This week's plans

Downloads: week of 1-26-18 us gov.docx
Friday 1/19/2018
Week of 1/19/18

This week's classes...  PPT for Articles vs. Consitution linked in Files section

Downloads: hamilton fed tweet.doc | week of 1-19-18 us gov.docx
Thursday 1/11/2018
Week of 1-12-18

Weekly plans attached.

YouTube video from Thursday, characteristics of a state: 

Downloads: week of 1-12-18 us gov.docx
Friday 12/22/2017
Week of 12/18/17

Monday-->Unit 5 Exam

Tues-Wed:  Review for Final

Thur-Frid:  take final

Wednesday 12/13/2017
Week of 12/11/17

Weekly plans 

Downloads: week of 12-11-17 econ.docx
Thursday 12/7/2017
Week of 12/4/17

This week's plans on the attached file

Downloads: week of 12-4-17 econ.docx
Wednesday 11/29/2017
Week of 11/27

This week's plan

Downloads: week of 11-27-17 econ.docx
Friday 11/17/2017
Week of 11/13/17

see attached plans

Downloads: week of 11-17-17 econ.docx
Thursday 10/26/2017
Week of 10-23-17

Plans and assignments for the week are on the file.

Downloads: week of 10-23-17 econ.docx
Thursday 10/19/2017
Week of 10/16/17

Plans of the Week 

Downloads: week of 10-16-17 econ.docx
Friday 10/6/2017
Week of 10/2/17

Weekly Plans:

Monday-- Test Corrections

Tuesday--Quarter Review

Wednesday--Quarter Review

Thursday--Benchmark Exam

Friday--Video:  10 Trillion & Counting from PBS

Friday 9/29/2017
Week of 9-25-17

Plans for this week's classes.

Downloads: week of 9-25-17 econ.docx
Thursday 9/21/2017
Week of 9-18-17

What we did this week.

Downloads: week of 9-18-17 econ.docx
Friday 9/15/2017
Week of 9-11-17

Weekly plans for Economics

Downloads: week of 9-11-17 econ.docx
Friday 9/8/2017
Week of 9/4/17

Econ plans for this week.

Downloads: week of 9-4-17 econ.docx
Monday 8/28/2017
Week of 8-28-17

See attached file

Downloads: week of 8-28-17 econ.docx
Tuesday 8/22/2017
Week of 8-21-17

See attached file.

Downloads: week of 8-21-17 econ.docx
Tuesday 8/15/2017
Week of 8-14-17
Downloads: week of 8-14-17 econ.docx
Monday 8/7/2017
Week of 8-7-17

See attached file for class plans.

Downloads: week of 8-7-17 econ.docx