AP Psychology
Friday 10/20/2017
Week of 10-16-17

Wekly activities attached.

Don't forget to progress on Lifespan Development Project--Due 10/30/17

Downloads: week of 10-20-17 ap psych.docx
Saturday 10/7/2017
Week of 10-2-17

Attached File contains weekly plans.

Downloads: week of 10-2-17 ap psych.docx
Friday 9/15/2017
Week of 9-11-17

See attached plans

Downloads: week of 9-11-17 ap psych.docx
Friday 9/8/2017
Week of 9/4/17

Weekly Plans

Downloads: week of 9-4-17 ap psych.docx
Monday 8/28/2017
Week of 8-28-17

See attached plans.

Downloads: week of 8-28-17 ap psych.docx
Monday 8/21/2017
Week of 8/21/17

See sttached file for details.

Downloads: week of 8-21-17 ap psych.docx
Tuesday 8/15/2017
Week of 8-14-17

See attached file for class details

Downloads: week of 8-14-17 ap psych.docx
Monday 8/7/2017
Week of 8-7-17

See attached classroom plans.

Downloads: week of 8-7-17 ap psych.docx
Assigned: Tuesday 8/22
Due: Thursday 9/7
Create-A-Brain 2017 Rubric
AP Psych Videos

Paul Ekman
Facial Expressions
Narcissism-TED ED
Depression-TED ED
Stroke of Insight--Ted Talk
Beery's MCM speaks about Capgras Syndrome, Synesthesia, & Phantom Limb Pain
Ainsworth--Strange Situation
Harlow--Monkeys (better version)
Imprinting example
AP Psych Websites

Useful websites for AP Psych!

3D Brain
Great 3D Brain images: click on "3D Brain" to access the images.

University of Utah-Addiction
U of Utah's site that does a great job showing not only behavioral changes, but changes in neurotransmitter flow in the brain from various psychoactive drugs.

Optical Illusions
Michael Bach's website
Thermal Grill Illusion
This is the journal article from the demonstration we did in class 10/24/17.